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Arts Developments 2011 Sept to Dec Programme  is now available for download from the Aberdeen City Council page by clicking here. 

You will require Adobe Reader or an alternative PDF reader to view.  

If you have taken part in one of our workshops in the new venues (Ruthrieston, Dyce and Tullos) we would appreciate your feedback on your experience. You can do so by taking part in this online survey . It should take no more than 1o minutes to complete and your participation in the survey should help shape and inform  Arts Development workshops in the future.



5 Responses

  1. unable to download programme says ‘restricted’. This is public info and I do not wish to subscribe to blog if this is what is necessary. How else can I access this info?

  2. Re Top Tags list (on rt side) – A good example of where being ‘arty’ is at the expense of user friendliness! More than one tag on one line and or split onto 2 makes selection difficult and confusing. Secondly, typeface size confusing – most people assume large type indicates heading when here it is not

    • Hi Carin,

      I am very sorry you have been experiencing problems with downloading our programme. Hopefully this is a technical glitch and can be rectified on our side. In the meantime if you give me your email address ( I will not addit to any databases or mailign lists) I can send you a copy of the programme in PDF which you should be able to view wiothout any problems.

      Sorry again for th inconvenience.
      Kelly @ Arts Development.

  3. And this problem has still not been resolved 6 months later!

    Why have a website when people cant access the things they want to properly?…I wanted to find out what new courses were available (as per the Sep-Dec booklet that I got from the tourist info) but spend ages on this website getting nowhere!…Ever wonder why your courses are under-subscribed?

    • Hi Edward.
      I am very sorry you have been experiencing problems with accessing information on our webiste. We curreently use our website primarly as a promotional tool. We are looking into making it more user friendly and managing content more effectively,particulalry in line with what our users want to access when they come to our webiste. I would also say that the booklet you picked up from the tourist information centre is the best sourse of information with regards towards classes are currently running. What we would have published online would be a digital version of that. Your comments are most apprecaited however, as they allow us to pinpoint what services we can provide in a more effeicent manner for our users.

      Once again I can only apologise and if you have any fuirther questions regarding this matter please call us on 01224 814740.


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