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past projects


Northfield Swimming Pool


Mural for graffiti-prone area of exterior of building with Northfield Academy XL group.


Northfield Swimming Pool is in the heart of Northfield and backs onto the green-space site which is currently under development and receiving funding for tree planting to encourage birds and wildlife, from Aberdeen Greenspace Trust.

 The exterior of the building has long been a magnet for young people hanging around, due to it’s location behind the school and the fact there are hot air outlets which are on constantly. As a result grafitti and anti-social behaviour is a constant problem.

 A proposal was drawn up to work with at least some of those known to be vandalising and create a mural with them of their art work. This was to be printed onto Dibond and installed in one of the most prone but also most visible areas of the building.

Funding was received from Aberdeen Greenspace Trust on the condition that the art work would be on a natural heritage theme, referencing the green space beyond. We worked with the 4th year XL group at Northfield Academy, some of whom hang out at the building and as a consequence feel quite protective over the space, seeing it as “theirs”. Over the course of 4 weeks we worked with the group taking photographs, doing mono-prints, line drawings and charcoal drawings of wildlife and birds that are typical of urban Aberdeen. This work was scanned and composed using Photoshop software to create three large scale murals to fill the wall space to the right of the main entrance.

 The young people have also helped to draw up a questionnaire for the community and users of the pool to gauge the “before” and “after” of the work and it’s long term impact in reducing vandalism and anti-social behaviour. The group intend to do a presentation of these findings, including photographs, to the school assembly, once the work is completed and therefore reaching others who have been vandalising the building. We see this as being a valuable conclusion to this piece of work.


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