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Parallel Lives – Community Music Project

A new Community Music project which looks at the overlapping experiences of  the North East herring girls of the past and today’s migrant worker population.  The aim is to explore the stories and lived experiences behind The Song of the Fish Gutters(which is about young women who migrated along the Northeast coast of Scotland in search for work) and compare this with the experiences of people from Central and Eastern Europe who currently work in Aberdeen’s fish industry. This project is led by musician Petra Vergunst and commissioned by Arts Development, Aberdeen City Council, with money from the Fairer Scotland Fund, will take place in Torry, Aberdeen, from August to October 2011.

Within the project we hope to sing ‘The Song of the Fish Gutters’ and write song lyrics about the experiences of migration by herring girls. In a parallel project we will work with migrant workers in Torry to write song lyrics about their experiences of moving to Scotland for work. The project will culminate in a big event in which we will sing all three songs and celebrate making music together.

The song-writing workshops will be held on Fridays 16 and 23 September, with a final public event on Saturday 29 October.

We are looking for Torry residents who would like to take part in the project. All workshops are free, fun and no experience required.

For more information or to register your interest in this project, please contact
Mandy Clarke, Community Arts Officer, Arts Development.
Tel: 01224 814738 or e-mail mclarke@aberdeen.gov.ukwww.artsdevelopment.co.uk

You can also visit www.musicforcommunities.blogspot.com were you can listen to “The Song of the Fish Gutters”.


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