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Clockwork and the12 Hour Photo Marathon Exhibition

On the 21st of May the people of Aberdeen took part in the 12 Hour Photo Marathon and told us the story of a day through pictures. An exhibition of these images are on display at Aberdeen Lemon Tree this month and a short film will be screened after the performances of Clockwork (2-4 June at the Lemon Tree).

 Visible Fictions & Scottish Opera presents Clockwork.

Based on Philip Pullman’s novel, Clockwork takes you to a world where past merges into present, life merges with machine and fiction becomes scarily real. Told through a captivating mix of puppetry, live action, music and singing, this show is perfect for ages 8+.

This is what happens to Fritz, who one night begins to tell a story to the townsfolk of Glockenheim. Gathered in the tavern around a roaring fire, they listen, entranced. But the more Fritz unravels his tale of kings, queens and mysterious clockwork machines, the more it comes to life.

Imagine starting to tell a story but not knowing how it will end…



You can see some of the images taken on the day at our Facebook page, link below.

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