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Torry Youth Cafe

Following a successful CashBack funding bid a visual arts project was developed by the Torry Youth Café with the support from Aberdeen City Council’s Arts Development team. The team helped the youngsters and volunteers at the café to create a project brief and recruit the chosen artists.

The selected freelance artists Monica Wisniewski and Lynne Strachan worked with the young people who had already expressed an interest in art to work on an interesting art programme to attract more youngsters to the café. The artwork of the Create and Commemorate project includes a neon sign Sheila’s café which is dedicated to Sheila Thomson, a much loved and respected member of the local community who worked hard as a volunteer to establish the cafe for the young people of Torry. The Youth Café has a membership of 300 young people and gives local youngsters a real sense of belonging. It is a place where young people can spend time with their peers in a safe environment where they can also support and encourage each other in a wide range of individual and group activities.

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