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Aberdeen Identity Project

We were recently contacted by artist Aydee Sierra to invite fellow artists to collaborate on a project she is currently working on.  Here is some more info for anyone that might be interested in joining in – 

Aberdeen: Come take a closer look is a campaign which focuses on promoting Aberdeen’s urban identity as a talented, creative, and culturally diverse community through the use of creative design.

I am looking to collaborate with artists, designers (fashion ,graphics,multimedia, product,architecture), and photographers to produce a visual piece that embraces the overall identity of the city. You are encouraged to take a stroll around our wonderful city in search of inspiration for your design. This could be in the form of a poster, logo, photograph composition, sketch or simply an image designed and created by yourself.

The purpose is to create a collection of visual images that ‘voice’ Aberdeen’s identity based on its society’s opinions, ideals, and perception of what the city symbolizes to them through the use of creative design.

The images will be printed and bound into a book titled *Aberdeen: Come take a closer look*, which will be on display as part of a student degree show held January 2011.

 If you would like to participate* please send your artwork (file name should be your first-last name please) in a PDF format to: aberdeenidentity@gmail.com   by October 31st, 2010.

*By participating and sending your artwork you are giving consent to include your image in the book *Aberdeen: Come take a closer look*.The images and the book *Aberdeen: Come take a closer* look will only be part of a research project and no monetary profits will be made from it, nor will the use, distribution or copying of the images be permitted for any other use without the written consent of all the artists involved.

 aberdeenidentity@gmail.com  for more information.

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